Thursday, 5 November 2015

Capacity building workshop on “Interactive Multimedia Development” at the Seychelles Institute of Teacher Education

The Commonwealth of Learning invited in October 2015 Dr Santally Mohammad Issack to conduct a three-day training with staff of the Seychelles Institute of Teacher Education (SITE) on multimedia materials development for MOOCs using the Rapid e-Learning Methodology.

The workshop was conducted with around 20 participants that included academics and teacher educators as well as supporting staff of the SITE. The participants had been exposed to two days of initiation to MOOCs prior to following the final three days on multimedia development using a more hands-on approach.

Participants were given training materials in the form of printed guides, and a CD containing relevant software for further practice, as well as necessary equipment such as headsets for the smooth delivery of the training.

The first two days of the workshop were essentially focused on hands-on practice using the different tools. A walkthrough approach was adopted throughout where they used the same resource throughout to better get an understanding of the processes involved using the specific tools in a chain model for content digitization and delivery. 

On the final day of the workshop each participant had to develop his or her own mini interactive learning resource using the techniques learnt in the previous two days. At this stage it was related to the application of the knowledge, skills and competencies acquired in the first two days.

The workshop has received intensive coverage from the press in the Seychelles

Memorandum of Understanding signed with the Global e-Schools Initiative (GESCI) for the African Leadership in ICT programme

The University of Mauritius through the Centre for Innovative & Lifelong Learning has signed the MoU with GESCI for the accreditation and delivery of the Online African Leadership in ICT (ALICT) programme. The programme has been launched since 2012, and is currently accredited at the level of a Postgraduate Diploma by the Dublin City University.

This MoU is the culmination of three years involvement of UoM with GESCI, in different aspects of the ALICT programme. The programme is targeted at public officers at management level in a number of African countries both Anglophone and Francophone.

As from January 2016, the programme will be jointly offered by GESCI and the University of Mauritius and this will lead to a Postgraduate Diploma. There is also an alternative route for those who hold the Postgraduate Diploma to embark on the Masters project to upgrade their qualifications. 

The programme will be managed by the Centre for Innovative and Lifelong Learning whereby 6 staff are already Alumni of the ALICT programme. 

The key element about this project is that it is in line with the strategic direction of the University in terms of internationalisation. What we hope to achieve is a better visibility and increased reputation of the University at the regional level, more precisely on the African continent. 

We thank the Chairman of Council, the Vice-Chancellor and the two Pro Vice-Chancellors for their support to the project and express our appreciation to the commitment of GESCI to work with the University of Mauritius as their privileged partner.