Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Yet another recognition : The Africa Education Leadership Award and the Africal e-Learning Leadership Award to VCILT

On this Wednesday 27th November 2013, the Africa-India Summit was held at the Labourdonnais Waterfront in Port Louis. Some eminent and distinguished personalities were present during this summit which looked at achieving organisational excellence in a sustainable manner. 

A number of awards were given and among them, the VCILT through Dr Santally and Mrs Gunness landed the Africa Education Leadership Award and the Africa e-Learning Leadership awards.

As the Head of the VCILT, I dedicate this award to my staff and our students as without them working in the shadows, neither myself nor the VCILT would have been in the limelight. 

Monday, 25 November 2013

Educational 1min Video by Young Mauritius in Finals of TveBiomovies International Competition

Young Mauritians (age 15 to 26), have submitted a 1min educational digital video for the finals of the International tvebiomovies2013 environmental online competition, supported by United Nations Environment Programme among others. The video, entitled "Anti-Climate Change Missiles", may be viewed below

The 1min video begins with a metaphor, showing "climate change" as a meteorite, which is approaching the earth and threatening to end the human race, not unlike that of the dinosaurs. The video, then, creatively highlights the causes, effects and possible solutions to destroy the menacing "climate change meteorite" with "missiles".

Quote from the team leader, Jalal Laloo

"As the team leader, I would like to mention that  the Educational Technology (ILT2000) module at the University of Mauritius, for which you were the module coordinator, was instrumental in initiating me to the world of digital video making"

The team is competing with one other international participant in the "climate change" category and the winner will be the video with higher number of public views till 19th Dec 2013.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Stopping Violence in Schools - A guide by UNESCO (Converted to a Video Lecture by VCILT)

This Guide examines various forms of violence in schools and their consequences for education. It offers ten actions to prevent and stop violence in schools with practical examples that teachers can adapt in the classroom. 
Moreover, the guide brings suggestions to involve the international community to take action in order to build non-violent school culture and implement school safety mechanisms.

The guide in PDF and in four different languages can be downloaded on this address or you can simply sit down and watch at this video to get a very informative summary of the guide. It is a 30-minute video lecture.