LiveCode : Deploy your first Android App using these simple Video Tutorials

The LiveCode programming language (formerly the "Revolution" programming language) is both an open-source and proprietary cross-platform rapid application development language inspired by HyperCard's programming language HyperTalk. LiveCode runs on iOS, Android, Mac OS X, Windows 95 through Windows 7, and several variations of Unix, including Linux, Solaris, and BSD. It can be used for mobile, desktop and server/CGI applications. The iOS (iPhone and iPad) version was released in December 2010

The following video tutorials will help you to get started with this 'very high level programming language'.

Special Thanks to Kaylash Ganeshe and Ravi Rajputh for working on this tutorial.

Step 1:  Download Livecode Community Edition at:

Step 2 :  Installing LiveCode Community Edition (Part 1)


Step 3 : Coding for Android with LiveCode  (Part 2)


Step 4 : Testing your application using an Android Virtual Device  (Part 3)

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